A fantastic experience! A whole bunch of new tools, practical and dynamic, wrapped up in a blanket of holistic yumminess! Stimulating, useful, thought‑provoking and challenging – I enjoyed every minute.

Julie Nolan (Artistic Director, Red Leap Theatre, New Zealand).

I'm taking away a greater sense of "i-can-do-it-ness" and a rediscovered joy. i have a new role model in lynne, an amazing teacher with a strong sense of integrity, knowledge and care. i came to this course with little expectation, a lot of fear and a degree of apathy. i left feeling fulfilled spiritually, mentally and physically. i also left with a renewed desire to challenge myself and spread my dragon wings.

steph barnett (educator).

The STOMP programs, which have now been held in all the capital cities in Australia, as well as in Vancouver, Hong Kong and (in 2019) Bristol, Amsterdam and Bulgaria, are week-long physical theatre training intensives.  They are also designed to provide an opportunity for actors, directors, educators, and students to take time out of their busy lives and reconnect with their creative selves. 


the stomp programs introduce participants to Zen Zen Zo’s specialty physical theatre training forms of Viewpoints, Butoh, The Suzuki Method, and the devising technique of Composition. The course caters to both beginners and advanced students in these methods, and is open to artists and non-artists alike.

new zealand mini stomp - christchurch

Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew.

This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.

Arundhati Roy


2020 has been one hell of a year! We have experienced both ROARING CHANGE and A GRAND PAUSE, affording the opportunity to reflect on our lives, use our creativity in unexpected ways, and become more resilient. NEW ZEALAND STOMP 2020 will provide us with the perfect opportunity to reconnect, listen, share, and imagine our world anew.












2-4 October, 2020 

9am-3pm (beginner/intermediate)

9am - 5pm (advanced*)

To attend the Advanced Course, participants must have completed the Beginners/Intermediate STOMP Course or STOMPING GROUND Summer School in previous years.

Lynne bradley (founding director)

alys hill (associate director)

the piano, centre for music & arts 

156 armagh st, christchurch central city

$310 / $280 Early Bird* (beginner/intermediate)
$340 / $310 early bird* (advanced)

early bird rate: paid by 12 september 2020. prices in NZ dollars. 


+64 21 029 69260​

terms & conditions

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Limited   info@zenzenzo.com   0431 322 774

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