YPAT is Zen Zen Zo’s Weekly YOUTH TRAINING Program. Founded in 2004, YPAT offers comprehensive actor training (body/voice/emotions) designed to build emerging artists with GRIT: passion & perseverance!

Zen Zen Zo’s popular YPAT:YOUTH PHYSICAL ACTOR TRAINING program began in 2004, and has been home to many of Brisbane’s best young creatives. The training draws on Zen Zen Zo’s four specialty areas, developed over 25 years of studying with the founders of these forms and teaching them all over the world – The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Viewpoints, Butoh & Composition.

The gifts of the training for the performer are stage presence, embodiment, deep focus, ensemble awareness, a rich imagination and a strong body-voice. YPAT is also home to directors, dancers, musicians & visual artists – It is an inclusive & supportive space that welcomes any student (Yr 10-12) who wants to challenge themselves, develop their creativity, & meet other like-minded young people with a passion for theatre.







tuesdays (4 Terms)


st laurence's college, 82 stephen's rd, south brisbane

T1: 4 Feb-24 Mar
T2: 28 Apr-23 June (cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions)
T3: 21 July-8 Sept
T4: 13 Oct- 1 dec

$200 per term 

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Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Limited   info@zenzenzo.com   0431 322 774

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