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Indiah Morris

Indiah (she/her) is an independent theatremaker, designer, director and performer.  Her work celebrates the rich, colourful, muddy aspects of humanity across her various mediums, and she is committed to exploring the unique and evolving creative voice of Meanjin and Australia. Indiah is a self-diagnosed maximalist and enjoys weaving together vibrant and intentional worlds on the page and stage.

Indiah has been working in and around Meanjin theatre and the arts since she was a teenager (which she promises was a while ago now). Independently, she founded the immersive theatre company The Drawer Productions which has brought colour, detail and rich performance to unique Queensland spaces through its successful immersive works. She directed the Drawer's multi-award-winning production SHELTER: The Immersive Experience earning a Brisbane Immersive: Outstanding Immersive Production Award and Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award. Her performance and producing work continued to bring in acclaim with Hello Stranger, an immersive production from The Drawer, presented in partnership with Alzheimer’s Queensland. The production won the Queensland Theatre Emerging Theatre award and People’s Choice at the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Indiah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Queensland University of Technology and has studied within many Brisbane theatre companies; from Incubator with PlayLab Theatre, Assembly with La Boite Theatre Company and Zen Zen Zo’s Creative Entrepreneur Internship. All after learning from a multitude of Brisbane performance ensembles in the early stages of her career. She is an award-winning playwright, taking home Queensland Theatre’s Young Playwrights Award in 2018 and has performed independently for a variety of companies around Meanjin.

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