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The culture of Zen Zen Zo is grounded in its ongoing commitment to teaching and training. The company has developed a strong methodology that draws on many traditions in world theatre, primarily from the founders’ years spent living in Japan. The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, Butoh Dance Theatre and The Viewpoints are the core training systems that enable the Zen Zen Zo actors to explore the craft of acting.

It is through the constant conversation between these forms, and by reflecting on their place in the Australian context, that the company has established a unique style of creating theatre and training performers. Whilst the nature of these techniques seems, at a glance, distinctly different, the outcomes of cross-pollinating these Eastern and Western methodologies have created a new generation of dedicated, virtuosic and holistic actors. The company’s founders Lynne Bradley and Simon Woods have inherited these methods through extensive first hand experience with the creators of these forms and, with the rest of the company, are dedicated to exploring the common boundary between cultures and methodologies.

The company’s training centre offers a suite of internationally renowned actor-training programs which cater to professional performers, teachers, students, young people, and anyone with a sense of adventure! These include: The Actor’s Dojo Weekly Classes; Stomping Ground Summer SchoolStomp Training IntensivesSchools Program.  

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