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This 2013 production utilized multimedia, contemporary performance, dance, and song to bring to life one of the greatest plays of the Western cannon — Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy, Medea. Lauren Jackson stars in a bravura performance as Medea, well supported by the chorus of highly trained Zen Zen Zo performers bringing the traditional Greek Chorus to life through visually stunning physical theatre techniques and styles.

This documentary tracks the fascinating cultural event that took place when Dairakudakan, the world’s oldest and largest Butoh company from Japan, created a new work for Australian physical theatre company Zen Zen Zo. It features training,
rehearsals, and interviews, as well as footage of the performance of Gaia, an impacting new work about the current environmental crisis. Included is a 20-minute supplementary classroom exercises section that covers a number of Butoh exercises and training methods. 

NB: The documentary section contains some brief footage which includes partial nudity (in performance footage only) in line with the Butoh aesthetic.

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